Shred the Hyperverse!

We're building the decentralized ecosystem to skate around the hyperverse. Come join us as one of the founders of sk8verse. Get your gear locked, and we'll start building out the sk8parks for friends new and old to hang out in

Founders Boards

Limited run of 8,888 complete boards priced at .04 eth. As a founder you will get early access to future drops and other rad perks. Join our discord to learn more.


Transparency alert: We set aside 280 founder boards for the sk8team and marketing efforts

Divine Founder Boards

There are 888 founder boards scattered throughout the collection that are bit more special. You will know them, when you see them — they look rare. In addition to early access to future drops and perks Divine Founders will be given special roles and voting access within the Sk8 community.

PRESALE ACTIVE! Holders of FWB, Manny, Gawds, and OCC Flowers only

0 minted


8888 remain

Phase 01

Founder Boards

We’re furiously working away sculpting various aspects of the Sk8Verse, and in the meantime we want to get everybody rolling on some boards

But divine boards will grant you special privileges and early access to our future drops. Can you guess which ones?

Supply: 8000

Supply: 800

Supply: 80

Supply: 8

0 minted


8888 remain

Mint Now.04 ethers

Play with your boards

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  1. Mint founder boards

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  2. Unvail 3d board viewer

    25% sold

  3. Open the Sk8Shop for business

    50% sold

  4. Kick off our Artist Series decks

    75% sold

  5. Celebrate with a 8 eth giveaway!

    100% sold

In Development

The Sk8Park

A vast public skatepark designed by you. We’re hard at work building tiles which represent the crust of our Sk8Verse. Take your board and your tricks and hit the park

Land ownership
Own your piece of the Sk8Verse. Parcels you can collect to build your own park, or contribute to the master park
Build your own park
Design your very own Sk8Park, skate it, and share it with friends
Meet up in our park
A social hub around likeminded Sk8rs. Play, chill, compete, and win competitions in our own hyperverse
Expansion Packs
Endless possibilities of Sk8Park Packs building an entire planet of shreddable terrain


We’re Hiring!